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Gerard Bos

ESG integration into risk management is trending, but complex

Interview met Gerard Bos - Director of Data Analytics at Zanders

‘Companies generally have sufficient in-house knowledge to make models. What lacks is the alignment of technical modelers, data engineers, IT and the business. Good models get not implemented because of faulty data or worse, good models are not used because they don’t solve the business challenge. We help clients to close this gap.’

Gerard Bos is director of Data Analytics at Zanders. Although his name suggests otherwise, he is a born South African. He started his career as credit risk modeller, became a banker, switched into consultancy and finally came to the Netherlands. ‘The economic environment isdata analytics poor in South Africa, so I decided to look for better conditions for myself and my children. With a Dutch grandpa and a passion for cheese and croquettes, the Netherlands was the obvious choice. Rabobank made that wish possible and offered me a job as Credit Risk Consultant, two years ago. Recently I joined Zanders to help build their Data Analytics ambitions.’

Data driven modelling

Data modelling and data analytics are complementary to one other. New techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence allow us to build better models. We are all familiar with Google. Pattern recognition for example allows them to suggest new products to buy or help to find your way. This data driven modelling opens also great opportunities for the financial services industry. In combination with new data sources, it offers unprecedented possibilities for the development of data driven warning indicators. Within Rabobank for example we have integrated meteorological data into risk models, which allowed the bank to interfere in an early stage, so preventing clients to go into default.

With a data driven approach of modelling we help organizations to improve their current models and help them to explore future challenges.

ESG Risks

Sustainability is trending and embraced by the banking industry. Now is the time that good intentions must be reflected in strategy. A complex, but challenging purpose. Today bank lending revolves around market, credit  and operational risks. ESG-risks must be added, also because of regulatory pressure of the ECB. But how do you integrate ESG risk into risk management knowing that ESG isn’t an isolated risk but also has an impact on all known risks. It not only requires adjustment of the existing models, but especially the addition of new data sources. On this cutting edge lies our strenght and my search for new talent.

Are you an ambitious professional looking for a steep development in data driven modelling and do you work well with others, please contact me. 

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