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  • Can green investment change the world?

    Can green investment change the world?

    Video van DW Documentary - 20-01-2021
    A new generation of investors wants to force businesses to become environmentally-friendly. Even climate conservationists know that money talks, but can green investments really save the world?
  • Tim Zendman

    ‘Echte innovatie bereik je alleen als het ook mag mislukken’

    In gesprek met Tim Zendman, Innovation Lead bij MN - 20-01-2021

    ‘Twee jaar gelden is het MLab opgericht met als doel innovatieve experimenten binnen MN een grotere kans van slagen te geven. Dat doen we door teams uit de dagelijkse omgeving te halen en alle tijd en ruimte te bieden om de volledige focus op ontwikkeling te leggen. '

  • Cover New perspectives on ESG matters

    New perspectives on ESG matters

    Rapport van Linklaters - 19-01-2021
    After an eventful 2020, it is expected by fintech and regulatory experts that the pace on all matters environmental, social and governance (ESG) will only continue to accelerate in 2021. This study provides an overview of some of the key global ESG legal themes for 2021 and the trends we see in different countries around the world.
  • Alternative Strategies For A Democratic U.S.Congress

    Alternative Strategies For A Democratic U.S.Congress

    Bron: Philippe Ferreira (LYXOR) op - 18-01-2021
    As we go to press, it looks likely that Democrats will also run the Senate, in addition to the White House and the House of Representatives. With expectations that this will translate into greater fiscal stimulus in the near-term, bond yields moved upwards in the U.S. and the Treasury curve steepened.
  • China's Global Impact Trends 2021

    China's Global Impact Trends 2021

    Video van Pascal Coppens - 18-01-2021
    In This Video, I explain how China is saving the planet by its obsession with reaching targets to reduce carbon emissions. This will be the biggest Trend for 2021 from China that will impact the world's future. It's unfortunately the only area where the West is still cooperating closely with China. What that tells me is that when our own future is at stake, we are open to China's support.
  • “We zijn een betrokken aandeelhouder, maar geen activist”

    “We zijn een betrokken aandeelhouder, maar geen activist”

    Bron: APG - 15-01-2021
    Duurzaam, verantwoord beleggen wint aan populariteit. Ook bij APG. Het kan Claudia Kruse, eindverantwoordelijk voor het duurzame beleggingsbeleid van APG, niet snel genoeg gaan. Maar de ervaring leert dat je met geduld en dialoog het verst komt als het om verduurzaming gaat.
  • ALM-studie, haalbaarheidstoets en herstelplan

    ALM-studie, haalbaarheidstoets en herstelplan

    Video van AZL - 15-01-2021
    Deze animatie biedt inzicht in de verschillen tussen een ALM-studie, haalbaarheidstoets en herstelplan. Daarnaast wordt voor bestuursleden inzichtelijk waar ze een goed werkend ALM-model allemaal voor kunnen gebruiken.
  • Back to a new future: our 2021 scenarios

    Back to a new future: our 2021 scenarios

    Bron: Marco Willner, Head Investment Strategy NNIP - 14-01-2021
    We also describe two alternative scenarios: “full throttle”, which describes a supercharged global recovery, and “idling engine”, in which the lingering Covid-19 pandemic causes lasting economic damage. We examine what each scenario would mean for the global economy and for financial markets.
  • The AIFMD review: an incremental change or a major revamp?

    The AIFMD review: an incremental change or a major revamp?

    Bron: Corinne Socha, Group Head Depositary Control at CACEIS - 14-01-2021
    When the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) came into force in 2011, it had two principal objectives: to provide a secure regulatory framework for the management and distribution of alternative investment funds (AIFs) in the European Union, and to ensure the mitigation of systemic risks associated with management of alternative assets. It has largely achieved its objectives, however progress still needs to be made in a number of areas.
  • Cover Housing in Europe

    Housing in Europe

    Rapport van Eurostat - 13-01-2021
    There are large differences within Europe on how we live in terms of size, kind and quality of housing and whether we own or rent. The evolution of house prices and rents also varies significantly between countries. Housing in Europe — Statistics visualised shows the latest figures on many different aspects of housing.


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